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We manufacture a wide range of display products, to suit our customers' needs and requirements. Our products range from dump baskets to gift wrap stands. We also offer a full range of finishes on all our products.

Point Of Sale Products

Here at Robinson’s we offer perfect storage of display solutions.

Robinson Mesh Products produce a large range of wall and floor mounted point of sale display.

By speaking direct to us we can help you determine the best application of a Point of Sale product is best for you. In addition, Robinson Mesh Products will give you advice on a range of finishes designed to withstand most extremes of operating and most suited to the purpose.

We have a vast range of P.O.S items

  • Shop fittings
  • Card Stands
  • Gift Wrap Stands
  • Dump bin
  • Sweet Stands


Plastic Coating is the most popular finish for display products, due to the fact that it is durable and easy to clean. Our standard colours are Black and White but we do offer a range of alternative colours on request, including Red & Blue.

Food Packaging Racks

Food Packaging RacksFood Packaging Racks



  • Machine guards
  • Radiator guards
  • Belt guards
  • Fan guards
  • Elevator guards
  • Window guards


  • We can design and construct guards to your specification to ensure maximum benefits and low cost.
  • We produce one off to large orders.
  • Various meshes and finishes are available to suit the purpose of the guard.
  • Guards can be manufactured as a single or split piece depending on your requirements.


UK Made In The UK

Food Packaging Racks

Food Packaging Racks

Mesh Litter Baskets

  • Used for waste paper or litter
  • Wall mountable
  • Any size available
  • Strong & stable
  • Finished in coating of your choice

UK Made In The UK

Food Packaging Racks